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Gnarcore , May 12, If he's cool with it But it is a good way to f up a friendship. Scott , May 12, It speaks highly of your character that you sought to first gain the approval of your friend; as it is his sister. The fact that your friend is also okay with it, speaks highly of your character, as well as the fact that you still feel weird about it. I question whether you believe you friend was being sincere when he said he was okay with you dating his sister?

If you question whether he was being sincere, then revisit the subject; as from my understanding you have some time before you actual would make the trip. If you are not questioning his sincerity, then it may just take you some time to feel comfortable about the situation as, I'm sure you were aprehensive about the whole thing at first; as well as possibly being aprehensive in the past.

If you have time, don't feel rushed to make a decision, whether it be for or against. Continue to talk to her if you are interested to gain a better perspective of whether or not the two of you are compatible. Not saying it has to be marriage material, but it cannot be a hit it and quit it situation. And if you feel that your feelings are sincere, take the woman on a date.

Omnomnom26 , Jun 8, As long as you don't cheat or do something slimy your relationship with the family shouldn't change much. Sizz06 , Jun 8, JoBo4 , Jun 8, I like you and all but at 16, the girl has a huge range of emotions and experiences to go through before she settles down in any capacity. You will end up breaking up, its just a matter of messy it will be.

And honestly, when it comes to close family friends, even a little messy is A LOT messy. Final--Heaven , Jun 8, Where do you find all these girls? Yeah I don't really agree with that decision man, based on what you said the other day. But best of luck anyway, hopefully it works out.

My best friend's older sister? - GirlsAskGuys

Aomber , Jun 8, Dev , Jun 8, That wasn't awkward at all Also we got married and divorced laterlol. Last edited by skullbashDaddy , Jun 8, B-Mitch , Jun 8, This best friend will not always be your best friend purely because of this. Rossticles , Jun 8, Jun 9, BearZ- , Jun 9, OP has been growing on me. I love the no fucks given attitude. The thing is, I really didn't care I knew my sister was promiscuous and had a reputation and I was trying to go with the whole, "I'm my own person" thing when I first got into high school and trying to separate myself from her socially.

10 Steps To Dating Your Friend's Sister

What made me mad, and really broke up my friendship with him and my relationship with her, is they both acted like complete assholes about it. He and I were in a band together and went from spending the nights at each other's place, to him not even looking at me in the hallway. She and I used to be closest of siblings and now, 12 years later, our relationship is still strained because I realize how dishonest and deceitful she can be. Point is, be honest about it. If I had a good friend who wanted to date my sister I would be ok with it, regardless of the age difference, as long as I knew they were both responsible and caring adults and weren't trying to screw each other over.

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With that being said, think about what will happen when things go south. If he's a close friend, I would talk to him first. I wouldn't want to ruin a friendship taking the dive, having it not work out, and losing both the friend and the girl. I wish I had never dated my friend's sister. I feel like I lost him as well when we broke up. She's out of the acceptable dating range envelope.

Seriously, a 32 year old man dating a girl who can't even drink yet? I'd stay away bro. She's your friend's sister to boot. I think a lot of people think the whole being-against-massive-age-gaps thing is somehow related to statutory rape or something, but it's really not. I'm 20, and my last relationship was with someone close-ish to OP's age. It didn't feel sexually inappropriate or anything like that, but neither of us should have been in that relationship, we were just in such different places in our lives, it was ridiculous.

I know that it works for some people and I don't want to offend anyone in healthy relationships with a similar age-gap, but these things can be kind of damaging for people who are just starting out in life, really. Yeah we were 'both adults', but nothing's as simple as that. I got with my SO of more than six years when I was sixteen and he was twenty one legal where I live.

Obviously we had grown apart by the end of it, but overall I just feel lucky as hell that the only thing 'wrong' with him, so to speak, was that he was socially underdeveloped. I changed so much over that time period and he just sort of, well, mostly stayed the same.

Alright, it's official. I'm Dating my Best Friend's sister

I'm 23 now and casually seeing a 32 year old friend, but had to make it pretty clear that I don't think us dating would be a good idea. We want different things, we're at different places in life, and I still have a lot of growing to do which he's probably mostly done. I don't have any desire to steal away the years he's best placed to find a serious LTR, only to turn around in a couple years' time and realised I've changed a lot and he's no longer what I'm after. I tend to think a 5 year gap is about the most I'd engage with on a serious level before I'm Everybody's different, and that isn't to say a particular individual wouldn't be peachy, but yeah.

Age really isn't just a number in most cases. The only thing American about his comment was the drinking age. I live in Illinois. It's just a number. Brains develop at the same rate in every country. She's still basically a kid that's gonna wanna dance and party and you're probably looking to settle down. I've heard this "settle down" thing for almost 40 years. What exactly does this entail? No more going out to have fun? Sell the motorcycle and buy a minivan? Well forget that, too! Usually children force your hand at all the above anyway, so I'll pass. It's not a mere inconvenience; it's an irreversible life changing decision that I don't feel the need to make. People who think children are nothing more than an inconvenience are the people who shouldn't be having children. Again nice assumption but, no, I'm not really looking to buy a house and start crankin out babies.

Perhaps in years, but I'm still busy having fun. Well, women typically don't have children in their 40s because of the risks involved. Maybe you'll end up with a younger woman by then who wants to. While each person matures differently, there is a point here. Think of yourself a couple years after college ish. Then think of yourself now in your 30's. Over time, you change. If you were to date this girl, keep in mind, she will change. Are you willing to risk this friendship for a relationship that will face probable longevity issues? She's off limits for hookups, not necessarily relationships.

However if you like to be disrespectful of women it's not a good idea.

my bestfriend is DATING my sister

I never been in that situation, but I've always said that if one of my friends had an interest in my sister and viceversa I would be cool with it as long as they treat her right. I'm attracted to my best friend's sister. She's off limits for a number of reasons, the most important of which would be our friendship being over if things turned sour with the sister. She's also incompatible with me though, and she lives far away. It just doesn't make sense on numerous levels, and would be pretty disrespectful to my friend.

It will require a lot more courtship than a standard relationship, and you have to be careful about how early you start hooking up. Additionally, with that age gap, you'll need to make sure you're not ready to settle down and be a homebody while she is excited about the world and wants to go start experiencing things. It's challenging, but not impossible. I dated one of my brother's friends once. His other friends pretty much disowned him, and my brother hasn't talked to him since.

The age gap also makes this seem worse, almost like you're trying to take advantage of her. If you really want to pursue it, you need to talk to your friend first. Like others have said, if it doesn't end well, people will pick sides so prepare yourself for that. Don't date a 20 year old when your past Even though you're both consenting adults it's still weird. It comes off as you are too immature to date a woman closer to your age. Plus never date a friend's sister, it's a massive dick move.

Couldnt date her growing up because of her brother, who was one of my best friends. I left home, joined the military and came back years later. Hit her up and took it down. TL;DR - In your formative years, off-limits. As an adult, it's none of his overprotective business.

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She needs the D just like any other chick. There is only one rule: What do you think your friend would say if you broached the topic with him? Best advice anyone has ever given me - "There are two kinds of friends in this world, friends you can have a beer with and friends who can marry your sister. If you're close enough to your friend that you feel you could be in the later category, by all means talk with him about it.

If not then should should probably treat her as off limits. I am also 32 and I can't help but wonder why you as a 32 year old want to date a college aged woman, much less your friend's sister. I'd be surprised if it works out due to being in very different life phases even if you don't have kids or exes or whatever, I guarantee that you think very differently from yourself 10 years ago. And if you're just thinking about banging your friend's sister rather than dating her, I wouldn't go there.

You can get some from a less complicated situation. It depends on your intentions. My sister is She's dated some really terrible people her age. If you're a decent guy, if you're not misleading her, it might be strange but I could live with it. Personally, I'd talk to my friend before I dated his sister and I'd seek his blessing.

It would definitely be an awkward talk, but the dude's gonna find out one way or the other. He is my best friend, so I know he's a good guy. He wouldn't hurt a soul, and always has the correct intentions. I have known him for a while, so I know who he is. We play League together.

I know his character, and I trust him, so why not? He's a great guy, and that's what my sister deserves. Yeah i see nothing wrong with dating a friends sister but in no fucking way would i want to fuck a girl 10 years younger than me. I just view that as weird mate. I mean i intend to get married when im as i just view that as a pretty solid time to get married but obviously these things can change and i think when im that age will i have anything in common with a 20 year old? Even now im in my mid 20s and am vastly different from those i know who are still in university.

I remember asking my grandmother when she was about 80 and I was about 35 "When do you really feel like you're an adult? If she is into me and initiates I'm receptive, but only if she is looking for a relationship or dating, not casual sex. I would never initiate with a friends sister or hit on them though, feels too weird to me. That being said I would also likely never date a friend's sister. Too many things that can go wrong and I don't want them sharing information about me! In a perfect world, every relationship would be perfect, you would definitely stay together for the rest of your life, there is no way you guys would break up.

And even if you did break up, there would be no drama, everything would be cordial and polite, no issues would be had. This is not a perfect world. You don't know how long this relationship is going to last.

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You don't know how the relationship might end. If you get involved with her and things end badly, he has to choose between his sister and you, so either you and he both lose a friend, or he becomes distant with his sister thanks to you. Not worth the risk. You'll want to talk to him about it first. If he trusts you not to wreck her heart, it shouldn't be an issue. No need for unnecessary awkwardness. You treat her like a fucking queen, and be respectful of every woman out there that you meet, especially around him.

If it doesn't work out, you both have to be able to part ways amicably, like adults. I hooked up with a good friend's sister a couple times in high school which, at this point, seems like years ago. He knew about it, but seemed OK with it, reasoning that "She could do worse. The thought of a friend banging your sister is just not very pleasant, I don't want to know the guy banging my sister, like at all.

My father was a college roommate and close friend to my mother's brother. They dated, got married, had three kids, and were happily married for over 30 years before my father passed away. I married the sister of my best friend from high school. He and I are no longer friends but that has nothing to do with her. I have been married to my best friends little sister for 25 years now. She is six years younger than me. My friend knew me well enough to trust that I would never hurt her and that it would never be an issue. I think he latter enjoyed being able to introduce as his brother in law.

I don't like 'off limits' because it's dangerously close to talking about a woman as property, which I don't like. BUT, I probably wouldn't pursue a friend's sister because I am not good at handling awkwardness and that kind of situation is a great breeding ground for awkwardness. You are allowed to gawk at her beauty.

You are allowed to make some comments about her attractiveness. However, you can't ever try to date her. You can think about it. But doooon't do it. If I had a sister I would prefer to her date a friend of mine. Because he is my friend I know that I like and trust him, so I think it is better that she dates a friend of mine instead of a stranger. But when they are dating, all sex talk would be awkward as hell between me and him. If they break up it will be nasty of course, which is the biggest down side. It just hits too close to home for me.

There are millions of women in the country. You don't need to bang family members of your friends. And if things go wrong - it's on you. If it's not a successful relationship, your family won't look at it like your sister was with some random guy. She was set up with your friend, and that will reflect on you. I just think it's a weird mix. I wouldn't want guys that I hang out with getting into bed with my family members.